• Photon Server: Run Your Own Socket Servers.

    Photon Server Features
  • A multiplayer space combat game for Windows featuring epic 4 vs. 4 players battles and Occulus Rift support.

  • Photon Server: Run Your Own Socket Servers.

    Photon Server Packing
    • Runs on your own Servers: On Premise.
    • Use existing Frameworks Realtime, Turnbased, PUN or Chat.
    • Build your own Custom Logic and Frameworks.
    • Lean, Fast and Small
    • Supports RUDP, TCP, Websockets and HTTP.
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Photon Server Features

Develop and launch realtime multiplayer games globally whether you are an indie developer or a AAA studio.


A development history of over 15 years resulted in the leanest and speediest protocols that use minimal bandwidth and allow fastest serialization.


Our on-premise Server offers you the required messaging rates reliably and makes it the right choice for your multiplayer title with HTTP, TCP or RUDP.


You won't find a backend supporting more platforms.
Find the supported SDKs down here .

Highest Scalability

Photon Server load balancing helps you to scale your games for tens of thousands of concurrent users. Proven. Successfully.

Ready to Run

The SDKs already contain sample logic for First Person Shooters (FPS), WoW-like MMOs with interest management and more.


Use it for LAN-parties and local networking games: Stripped down to the binaries and with a streamlined Control Center you can customize and distribute this package for your title easily.


The backend and your business logic is easily extended and customized in C# or C++. Hosted in .NET CLR it allows for rapid development with e.g. Microsoft's Toolchain.

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  • Social Networks Integration
  • Market Research
  • Localization
  • Measure Retention Rate
  • Improve Conversion
  • Realtime Monitoring
  • Realtime Application Monitoring
  • Web and Mobile
  • Simple Install and Setup
  • Game Replays
  • Cross Promotion
  • Game Trailers
  • Push Messaging
  • Location Targeting
  • Passbook Marketing
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Pay-Per-Install
  • Pay-Per-Engagement
  • Cross Promotion
  • In-Game Rewards
  • Virtual Goods
YOUR Backend
  • Login, Profiles, ...
  • Use Photon Server , PHP, ...
  • Host with Azure, Jelastic, ...

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